Prime College Bound

Prime College Bound offers classes that prepare students for the academic year. These classes, given during the academic year, are designed to prepare students for college level academics such as SAT Critical Reading, SAT Writing, and AP Test Prep. For students who wish to have a more intensive and personal learning experience, one-on-one tutoring is also offered.

Prime College Bound Programs

Prime Academy’s SAT Book Club is for students who want to prepare for SAT English and attain a high score in Critical Reading. This class is for 9th, 10th, or 11th graders that want to learn vocabulary for the SATs.  Building your SAT vocabulary first will prepare you for other vigorous SAT courses and help you develop reading comprehension and bring you the results. This is a must-take class prior to any SAT course including SAT Camp.

The SAT Writing class is designed to teach and practice all the grammar and writing skills necessary for the SAT writing. Every aspect of the English grammar for the SAT is thoroughly taught and extensively practiced using SAT Writing questions. This is a must-take class prior to any SAT course including SAT Camp.

The SAT Critical Reading class is designed to teach students how to thoroughly understand and comprehend complex reading passages. This class provides students with the skills needed to become the master of any passage they come across.

The SAT Math class is designed for students to learn all the equations, functions, and principles on the SAT math test. The SAT math test is a math reasoning test and as a result, requires further understanding of mathematical principles. Prime College Bound SAT Math allows students to practice SAT math questions and recognize patterns to solve questions efficiently and accurately.

Prime Academy’s AP Prep classes are dedicated to help students achieve their highest potential for the upcoming AP exams in May.  These classes are taught by only the most qualified teachers in each field of study.  In the course of twenty-four to thirty hours of our AP tutoring, these classes will review all of the topics covered cumulatively throughout the year to enhance the confidence of each student for their exams.


Your GPA matters to us!

We are committed to raising your GPA.  At Prime Academy, we have excellent private tutors who specialize in the subject you need help with.  Try our private tutoring for one month and your GPA will be raised!