Prime Camp

Prime Camp is designed to raise your student’s score in both SAT or ACT tests during any break. The Prime Camp programs are offered during the Summer, Thanksgiving, and Winter season breaks. Both SAT and ACT camps are offered. Our Prime SAT Camp is taught only by teachers with years of experience teaching the SAT. Our Prime ACT Camp is also taught by teachers with years of experience teaching ACT. However, our ACT teachers specialize in the subject they teach, such as Science Reasoning.

SAT Prime Camp

SAT Summer Camp

Prime SAT Summer Camp is an 8-week course. Classes are Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 1 PM or 2 PM – 6:30 PM. Students take up-to-date SAT tests every week as well as study SAT English & Math every day to help familiarize them with the test. After that, an extension Saturday course begins. In this extended course, students may continue their studies every Saturday until the first SAT test (Aug 24 SAT Test or Oct 5 SAT Test).

Excellent teachers in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math will teach students techniques on how to approach the material seen on the SAT.  Students will gain confidence and the concentration it takes to achieve high scores.

As stated before, Prime SAT Summer Camp offers two different class periods to better fit students’ schedules. An AM class is offered that begins at 8:30 am. A PM class is offered that begins at 2 pm.

The Prime SAT Summer Camp begins on June 10th.

Prior to SAT Camp, students who register in Summer Camp should take the 1st SAT test on June 7 or 8.

SAT Schedules

SAT Saturday 1600 Class

To join this super-hyper SAT class, students should have at least 1480+ (Critical Reading 320+, Writing 360+)

  • For the SAT Saturday Intensive Class, students take a test on Friday (8:30am-1 pm or 2-6:30) or TBA (to be arranged).
  • This class is the best and most efficient test prep class because Collegeboard official tests are taken and lectures are given by Mr. Daniel Ahn.

ACT Prime Camp

ACT Summer Camp

The ACT Summer Camp is an 8-week course that is designed for students to understand every subject of the ACT test, learn different reading and solving strategies, and develop the mentality to do well on the ACT test. Students take up-to-date ACT tests every week and learn and practice new material every day. The ACT Summer Camp can be a very good alternative for students who seem to struggle in the SAT test.  Small group afternoon class starts at 2 PM – 5 PM. Classes are Monday – Friday.  Friday: Full test at 2-6pm, Monday: Review, Tue ~ Thur: 2-4pm Reading, English, Science,

The Prime ACT teachers are all experts in their subject, even science, and will ensure that each student is prepared for the ACT test.

The ACT Summer Camp begins on June 10th.

ACT Schedules:  Small Group Session starts on June 10th and ends Aug 2nd.  All session will be 2-5pm on Mon – Fri.