Prime Summer AP Preview Classes

Prime Academy’s AP Prep classes are dedicated to help students achieve their highest potential for the upcoming AP classes in fall & Spring.  These classes are taught by only the most qualified teachers in each field of study.  In the course of 6 weeks of AP classes, these classes will preview all of the topics covered AP class curricula to enhance the confidence of each student for their classes. Study ahead of next AP classes and advance in your school years.

Prime Summer AP Preview 6 Weeks Programs

AP US History

Mr. Kessler, AP US History, Uni High

  • Dates Tue & Thur, 6-8pm, 6/11-7/23
  • If Class A (above) fills, Class B will open
    •  Dates TBA

AP Biology

Mr. Knight, AP Biology, Uni High

  • Dates June 24 – Aug 5, Mon, Wed, Fri 4-6pm

AP Chemistry

Ms. Cooper, Woodbridge High

  • Dates Tue & Thur 4-6pm, 6/11-7/23

AP Computer Science

Mr. Kim, Former Samsung Application Engineer, Seoul University

  • Dates Wed & Fri 2-4pm, 6/12-7/24

AP Language

Dr. Lim, Biola University

  • Dates Tue & Thur, 2-3:30, 6/11-7/23
  • We encourage Honor class students, 10 – 11th grades to AP Language in advance!

AP Calculus AB/BC

Dr. Moon, Cal State University Long Beach Prof.

  • AP Cal BC: Dates Tue & Thur 4-6pm 6/11-7/23
  • AP Cal AB: Date Tue & Thur 6-8pm 6/11-7/23

AP Environment Science

  • Private tutoring

AP European History

Ms. Eckart, Capistrano Valley High

  • Dates TBD

AP Literature

Dates & Class Info TBD

AP Physics 1/2 & C

Dr. Pavelko, U of Wisconsin Prof.

  • Dates TBD

AP Psychology

Ms. McLaughlin, Northwestern University MA

  • Dates TBD

AP Statistics

Dr. Moon, Cal State University Long Beach Prof.

  • Dates TBD
  • Dr. Moon is a professor in the Math & Statistics Dept. and the director of the Statistics Research Institute at CSU Long Beach.
  • “Students will learn all necessary concepts of AP Statistics.  The class will prepare AP Statistics 100%” Dr. M

AP World History

Ms. Eckart, Capistrano Valley High

  • Dates TBD