Prime AP Test Prep Classes

Prime Academy AP Test Prep classes are dedicated to helping students achieve their highest scores for the AP tests in May 2021.  These classes are taught by only the most qualified teachers in each field of study.  These classes will be once a week by Zoom until the test dates.   To get high scores in AP test, one of the most important tasks in the test prep classes is actual practices for document based question (DBQ) and free response question (FRQ).  Students have to write essays for DBQ/FRQ assignments from their classes.  Some AP classes are offered private tutoring for maximum results.


Prime AP Fall Classes

AP US History

Mr. Kessler, AP US History, Uni High

  • Dates: Mon 6 ~ 8pm (2/15 – 5/3) or Wed 6-8pm (2/17 – 5/5)

AP World History

Mr. Gonzales, Sage Hill High

  • Dates: Wed 4 ~ 6 pm (2/17 – 5/5)

AP European History: Private tutoring

Mr. Gonzales, Sage Hill High

  • Dates: To be arranged (TBA)

AP Biology

Mr. Knight, AP Biology, Uni High

  • Dates: Thursday 4-6 pm (2/4 – 5/13)

AP Physics 1

Mr. Smay, Uni High

  • AP Physics 1: Mon 4 ~ 6pm (2/22 – 5/3)

AP Chemistry

Mrs. Kroeger, Corona del Mar High School, American Chemical Society OC High School section board member

  • Dates: Tue 4-6pm (2/9 – 5/4)

AP Calculus AB/BC

Mr. Seifi, UCI

  • AP Calculus AB: Sat 9 – 10:30 pm (2/6 – 5/1)
  • AP Calculus BC: Sat 10:30 – 12 pm (2/6 – 5/1)

AP Statistics

Dr. HJ Moon, CSU Long Beach Math and Statistics Prof., Dept. Chair

  • Dates Sat 10:30 – 12 pm (2/20 – 5/8)
  • Dr. Moon is a professor in the Math & Statistics Dept. and the director of the Statistics Research Institute at CSU Long Beach.
  • “Students will learn all the necessary concepts of AP Statistics.  The class will prepare AP Statistics 100%” Dr. Moon

Private: AP Environment

  • TBA

AP Language

Mr. Blake, St. Margarita ES High School, Columbia U. Dept Chair

  • Dates: Fri 5:30-7 (2/19 – 5/7)

AP Literature

Mr. Blake, St. Margarita ES High School, Columbia U. Dept Chair

Dates: Thu 5:30 – 7 pm (2/18 – 4/29)

AP Computer Science