Prime AP Classes

Prime Academy’s AP preview classes are dedicated to helping students achieve their highest grades for the AP classes in Fall/Spring.  These classes are taught by only the most qualified teachers in each field of study.  These classes will be once a week by Zoom until opening school (it will be back to on-site classes).   Some AP classes are offered private tutoring for maximum results.


Prime AP Fall Classes

AP US History

Mr. Kessler, AP US History, Uni High

  • Dates: Mon 6 ~ 8pm,9/7 ~ 11/9

AP World History

Mr. Gonzales, Sage Hill High

  • Dates: Wed 6 ~ 8 pm, 9/16 ~ 11/25

AP European History

Mr. Gonzales, Sage Hill High

  • Dates: Mon 6 ~ 8pm, 9/7 ~ 11/9

AP Biology

Mr. Knight, AP Biology, Uni High

  • Dates: Thursday 4-6 pm, 9/17 ~ 11/19

AP Physics 1

Mr. Smay, Uni High

  • AP Physics 1: Mon 4 ~ 6pm, 9/14 ~ 11/16

AP Chemistry


  • Dates: Tue & Thursday 2 ~ 4pm, 6/16 ~ 7/23

AP Calculus AB/BC

Mr. Seifi

  • AP Calculus AB: Sat 10:30-12 pm
  • AP Calculus BC: Sat 8:30-10 am

AP Statistics

Dr. HJ Moon, CSU Long Beach Prof.

  • Dates TBD
  • Dr. Moon is a professor in the Math & Statistics Dept. and the director of the Statistics Research Institute at CSU Long Beach.
  • “Students will learn all the necessary concepts of AP Statistics.  The class will prepare AP Statistics 100%” Dr. Moon

Private: AP Environment

  • TBA

AP Language

Dr. Lim, Westminster High, Biola University Adj. Professor

  • Dates TBA

AP Literature

Mr. Blake, St. Margaret High, Columbia U. Dept Chair

Dates & Class Info TBD

AP Psychology

Ms. McLaughlin, Northwestern Law JD. UCSD

  • Dates TBA

AP Computer Science